VID company logo (1990-1999 )

Description: VID (Russian: ВИD, lit. "View"; abbreviation of Vzglyad i Drugiye, "Glance and Others") is a TV production company in Russia, started by Vladislav Listyev since 1990. It is best known for producing the television programmes Wait for Me, designed to help people find loved ones and Pole Chudes which is a popular Russian version of Wheel of Fortune. VID is known both for its logo, which has attracted controversy and popularity in equal measure for being visually creepy and austere and its wordmark, which uses the Latin Dinstead of the Cyrillic Д, so the logo appears as ВИD as opposed to ВИД. When the company was founded, Listyev thought that the best variant of a logo would be a head of the Chinese Taoist philosopher Guo Xiang, which was found at the Museum of Eastern Art in Moscow. However the museum would not allow Listyev to use the actual head, leading him to fashion a "mask" of Xiang's head using computer graphics. This Logo scared many russian children!
Duration: 00:00:15
Uploaded: 2011 Oct 17
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