VID ("Otdyhay!" Variant, 1990-2002)

Description: Nicknames: "The Mask Of Guo Xiang", "The Scary Mask", "The Russian Mask", "The Mask of Doom", "The Stone Mask", "The Angry Mask", "VID Mask", "Soviet Scary Face", "SSM (Super Scary Mask)", "The SSF from Russia", "BИD Mask", "In Soviet Russia, Mask Wears You!", "ВИD of Doom" Logo: On an off-white background, we see a thick black line wipe onto the screen from the left side, going right. It begins vibrating horizontally as it continues moving, and then a gray ball comes from off-screen left and begins bouncing along it at a fast pace. It then falls off as the line stops moving. Then we cut to a large close-up of the ball from the bird's eye view as it falls down into the center and disappears. The black outline of a circle shoots out from the center, immediately followed by a entirely black circle that fills the screen, creating a black background, and then a creepy-looking stone mask with a mean-looking expression on its face fades in. Then "ВИD" fades in and shines underneath in large bronze letters, which is Russian for "VID". It kind of looks like "BND". FX/SFX: The line forming, the ball bouncing, the circle zooming and background color change, and the mask and "ВИD" fading in and shining. Cheesy Factor: The animation of the ball bouncing and the line isn't very detailed, looking like it was made in the 1950s. Music/Sounds: Starts out with an industrial whirring/jackhammer/film projector-like stock sound effect during the ball and line animation, and then when the black circle zooms in, a loud, dramatic 5-note fanfare, composed by Vladimir Ratskevich, is heard, ending with some ominous synth whirring as the text appears and shines. Also, Sans is Ness. Availability: Rare. It's seen before VID-produced programs in Russia such as Поле Чудес (Field of Wonders) and Ищу тебя!/Жди Меня (Looking for You!/Wait for Me). It was also seen on episodes of the show L-Club. Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant: Original and Abridged Variants: Nightmare. The loud weird and scary music, zooming circles, and evil-looking mask have scared many people, mostly those in Russia, but it's become some sort of an Internet meme and very popular (especially on GoAnimate) for its scariness. Unarguably one of the most frightening logos ever made, and possibly the darkest and scariest Russian logo of all time.
Duration: 00:00:14
Uploaded: 2016 Oct 30
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