Description: Top 10 Celebrity Sex Tapes That Were Leaked Enter our giveaway here Subscribe to our channel: Follow Our Twitter: GamesDoneRight: Transcript: 10. Mimi Faust Some might know her from her adult sex tape that was leaked back in 2014. This sex tape was professionally recorded, with her and a singer by the name of Nikko London. 9. Dustin Diamond Dustin played the role of Screech on Saved By The Bell which sadly ended back in 1993. Dustin’s acting career slowed down a bit after Saved By The Bell, but he found other means of acting. Most people believe he is the originator of the Dirty Sanchez, where he had performed in a porno called Saved By The Smell. In one of his more recent sex scenes you’ll see him having sex with a bride’s mate and her friend. 8. Verne Troyer Who all here remembers the Austin Powers movies? Well I sure do and the actor who plays the role of Mini-Me has an adult film out there. Verne’s sex tape is a little disturbing towards the end of it, where you can hear him basically telling the women that it hurts for him to not finish. 7. Minka Kelly Before she became an actress her and her boyfriend decided to tape a sex scene together, but let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to do that? Well unfortunately for Minka, the boyfriend had kept the tape. 6. Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson is mostly known for the role she played on the movie Baywatch where her acting career began. Unfortunately, the other film is kind of old so they aren’t the best quality. I’m not sure if she ever planned on letting that tape get out but either way it’s out there now for everyone to see. 5. Iggy Azalea This would probably have to be the worst way to get a sex tape leaked out. Iggy was just trying to get back at her fiancé the NBA star Nick Young. Nick was bragging about cheating on her with a 19-year-old to his teammate D’Angelo Russell. D’Angelo leaked the video. 4. Paris Hilton Paris Hilton was only 19-years-old when she was filmed in many different occasions by the same man. They had intercourse multiple times, some being in black and white and some being in color. 3. Jennifer Lopez Unfortunately, even though she didn’t ask for the adult film to get leaked out there, it has just like all the others who have had to suffer threw an embarrassing time. 2. Britney Spears I’m sure one of the downs she had to deal with was when her sex tape got leaked. Britney has been a little crazy in the past, but I’m sure nothing beats how crazy it was to see her sex tape getting leaked. 1. Kim Kardashian Now the moment you all have been waiting for at the number 1 spot, yes its Kim Kardashian. When this video was leaked, Kim knew about it very quickly, do to social media. Kim’s first reaction to the tape was to sue the person who leaked it. But after realizing how nice her body was and that she didn’t care that it was out there, she took $5Million dollars for it to stay up. Fun fact about this video: Sylvester Stallone’s first movie was in a porn called Party at Kitty and Stud’s. More videos here:
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