THX - Tex 3 - Intro (HD 1080p)

Description: THX -Tex 3 - Intro (HD 1080p) With this video you can test your home theatre surround system. Actually, Youtube only supports 2 channels in stereo format, if you want to test 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and Atmos surround sound systems, you can download the original file with the original cinema audio format in this website: ******************************************************* ***Extra tags*** thx sound, thx logo, thx tex, thx intro, thx certified, thx deep note, thx speakers, thx audio, thx amazing life, thx amplifier, thx audio test, thx audio system, thx atmos, thx broadway, thx buy, thx broadway vhs, thx bass test, thx broadway dvd, thx certified speakers, thx certified tv, thx certification, thx cavalcade, thx cimarron, thx computer speakers, thx dvd, thx digitally mastered, thx demo, thx disney, thx demo disc, thx disney dvd, thx deep note mp3, thx eclipse, thx eclipse long, thx energy, thx explosion, thx entertainment, thx extended, thx eclipse download, thx effect, thx glasses, thx games, thx george lucas, thx home theater, thx horton, thx hd, thx home theater system, thx headphones, thx in wall speakers, thx images, thx intro 720p, thx intro robot, thx i love big speakers, thx jobe, thx lucasfilm, thx laserdisc, thx ltd, thx logo history, thx lucasfilm ltd, thx logo vhs, thx logo tex, thx moo can, thx movie, thx movie intro, thx moo, thx noise, thx new deep note, thx new logo, thx optimizer, thx optimizer blu ray, thx optimizer download, thx parody, thx phobia, thx pixar, thx poster, thx projector, thx picture, thx pixar cow, thx products, thx processing mode, thx robot, thx receiver, thx remix, thx robot intro, thx robot toy, thx ringtone, thx sound test, thx simpsons, thx sound system, thx subwoofer, thx surround sound, thx shrek, thx star wars, thx sphere, thx subwoofer test, thx tex ex, thx trailer, thx test, thx theme, thx ultra2, thx ultra2 home theater system, thx urban dictionary, thx ultimate demo disc, thx ultra2 receiver, thx ultimate subwoofer test, thx ultra2 system, thx ultra receiver, thx ultimate bass test, thx ultra2 speakers, thx whoa, thx wow, thx wallpaper, thx ziegfeld, thx 2, thx 2 certified speakers, thx 2 certified, thx 3d logo, thx 3d anaglyph, soul calibur 3 thx, thx 4k, thx 5.1, thx 5.1 test, thx 5.1 speakers, thx 5.1 surround sound test download, thx 5.1 test download, thx 5.1 demo, thx 5.1 demo download, thx 6.1, thx 6.1 speaker placement, neo 6 thx, neo 6 thx cinema, dts neo 6 thx cinema, thx 7.1, thx 7.1 surround sound test download, thx 7.1 surround sound system, thx 7.1 test download, thx 7.2 receiver, thx 7.1 demo, thx 720p, thx 7.1 receiver, thx 7.2 setup, 7 channel thx amplifier, thx 10.2 ********************************************************
Duration: 00:00:50
Uploaded: 2011 Oct 26
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