Description: Complete Revirgination Surgery is the Combination of hymen repair(Hymenoplasty surgery) and Vaginal tightening surgery. Hymenoplasty is the surgical repair of broken hymen. intact hymen is considered is the sign of virginity. Hymenoplasty helps to restore the virginity back. In cases of Loose vagina , Vaginal tighting is also performed along with hymenoplasty to restore the natural Hymen / Vagina. In many cases after after child birth Vagina becomes very lax and loose. Hymenoplasty or we say hymen repair along with vaginal tightening helps to restore the virginity back. For More Information on Hymenoplasty/ Hymen Repair and Vaginal Tightening Please Visit Social Media Profile: Facebook: Twitter: Google+ (Dr Narendra Kaushik): Google + :
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Uploaded: 2016 Jan 31
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